European MCT Summit 2025
January 9 - 10, 2025
UA92, Stretford, Manchester
A community event by MCTs for MCTs!

Community Days | European MCT Summit 2025

European MCT Summit UK 2025 - A community event by MCTs for MCTs!


LOCATION: UA92, Brian Statham Way, Old Trafford, Stretford, Manchester, M16 0PU, UK

DATES: 9 - 10 Jan 2025 (Thursday/Friday)

Please note this is 1 day different to the orginally advertised dates, due to changes made by the venue

SPEAKERS Exclusively MCTs

CAPACITY: 200 max (Attendees MUST be current MCTs at the time of the event)

Join us and your fellow trainers from across Europe and beyond as we unite the brightest minds in field for a unique conference dedicated to MCTs. Celebrate all it means to be an MCT, network & learn alongside your peers and be a part of a community event for MCTs run by MCTs.

Why Join

Investing in yourself and attending the European MCT Summit will give you the benefits of:

Networking: It’s a unique opportunity to meet and connect with other Microsoft Certified Trainers from around the world, fostering a sense of community and collaboration.

Learning and Development: The summit offers a range of sessions tailored to MCTs allowing trainers to enhance their knowledge and teaching skills.

Sharing Expertise: Trainers can share their insights and experiences, contributing to the collective knowledge of the MCT community.

Staying Updated: The event features discussions on the latest Microsoft technologies and methodologies, helping trainers stay current in a rapidly evolving field.

Inspiration: With a lineup of industry leaders presenting, trainers can gain new perspectives and ideas to enrich their training sessions.

Overall, the summit is designed to support the professional growth of trainers, offering YOU a platform to learn, share, and connect with peers.

Become a MCT!

Prior to the summit, we will provide the opportunity for aspiring MCT's to follow a Train the Trainer course to acquire the MCT certification.

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Brian Statham Way

Old Trafford

M16 0PU

United Kingdom

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