Viva Explorers Community Day Toronto 2022
December 2, 2022
Microsoft Canada HQ, Toronto, Ontario
Create a thriving work environment that puts people first and helps drive better business results.

Community Days | Viva Explorers Community Day Toronto 2022

Join us for our first in-person Viva Explorers Community Day Toronto 2022 event on Friday, December 2nd, 2022 at the Microsoft Canada HQ's located at CIBC Square, 81 Bay St., Toronto.

“Flexible work is here to stay. Many Leaders are out of touch with employees and need a wake-up call. High productivity is masking an exhausted workforce.” Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft.

People are the heart and soul of every modernization project and need to be front of mind working in a Hybrid workplace.

Many organizations still assume Teams is the same as Skype for Business with remote meetings, chat, and telephony. Many have not enabled Team Channels, where you find deep project collaboration driving productivity.

Microsoft responded in Feb 2021, announcing Microsoft Viva, reimagined, cost-effective modules with AI and machine learning. Cross-business integrated solutions to improve employee and org

  • Connections (Viva Connections, Viva Engage) - Keep everyone informed, included, and inspired
  • Insight (Viva Insights, Viva Sales) - Improve productivity and wellbeing with actionable insights
  • Purpose (Viva Goals) - Align people’s work to team and organizational goals
  • Growth (Viva Learning, Viva Topics) - Help people learn, grow, and succeed

At the time of writing, seven modules are globally accessible and more are coming. The Viva Suite gives you so much more value for your business.

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We look forward to seeing you on so make sure to bring a print out of your registration for streamlined access to the express registration line into a full day of amazing content from local and international speakers bringing their real world experience to share with you

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